WELCOME!  We're Macungie, Double Clutch & the place where family, friends, and old trucks come together!  Founded in 1971 and based in Boyertown, PA, the ATCA is an organization of people who own or have an interest in antique commercial vehicles. While fun is always at the top of our list, we take our stewardship of these pieces of history seriously and have specific goals and objectives to:

  • Stimulate and cultivate interest in the restoration, preservation, and operation of antique trucks
  • Foster a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among club members and the general public
  • Promote appreciation by the public for the history and development of antique trucks

We invite you to spend some time here on our website to learn more about our organization and its chapters.  Got a question about an old truck? Why not register and participate on our discussion board or our Facebook page!  Check out the pictures of some of our member's trucks.  You can join ATCA or renew your membership online too.

Be part of the fun.  Find out for yourself that you can meet the nicest folks at an ATCA event! 
Don't miss our 39th Annual Meet in Macungie this June 15th-16th  Dennis Gage from
My Classic Car will be there filming an episode of our show!!   

                                                 Got Macungie????  Reserve your flea market space, register your truck, make you lodging arrangements, sign up for the                                                                "Family Reunion".  The registration form for our 2018 National Meet in Macungie can be found  HERE